You can apply to the Residency Program (RP) of AMU if graduated from the Medical or Dentistry Faculty of any university officially accredited in own country. Please, note that the RP of AMU is in Azerbaijani language only! List of specialties and duration of RP:

Steps to admit to the RP:

  1. Nostrify your diploma at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. For more information click here:
  2. Apply with a nostrified diploma to the Department of Residency Program of AMU in period August, 20 – September, 10.
  3. Pass a computer test examination on Azerbaijani language in the Virtual Test Center of AMU (September, 15-20). If you fail you are not allowed for the next step. Please, note that certificates of language courses are not accepted!
  4. Pass an interview with the Commission on Admission to the RP of AMU (September, 20-25). You will be asked specific medical questions in Azerbaijani language.
  5. Start the Residency Program on selected specialty (early October).

If you are not sure in the level of your Azerbaijani language you can apply to the Foundation Course of AMU first. You will have classes on Azerbaijani language only with the following examination. Tuition fee is 3000 USD.

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