Frequently asked questions

1. How can I be admitted to Azerbaijan Medical University?
- You must register online at for admission to the Preparation (Foundation) Course of Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU). Once you've completed this step you will be informed about the time and date set by us to be invited to the online interview. If you successfully pass your online interview, you will be notified within 24 hours.

2. İn which language is the examination carried out?
- Depending on education language selected by you, the exam is in one of the Azerbaijani, English or Russian language

3. How much  is Foundation course fee?
- Annual fee for FC – 3000 USD

4. How long does education takes?
- After completion Foundation Course (5 months) General Medicine (GM) Study Program - 6 years Dentistry Study Program - 5 years, Public Health Study Program - 5 years Pharmacy Study Program - 4 years

5. How much is tuition fee for education?
- Yearly Tuition Fee – 4000 USD

6. Has your university got a dormitory?
- Students have to apply for location in one of the 6 dormitory after signing the contract. The number of seats in the dormitory is limited.

7. What is the annual fee for the dormitory?
- Annual fee - 1000AZN (600 USD)

8. Will you send an invitation letter to enter your country?
- The citizens of Iran, Jordan welcome to our country by getting education visa via on line or at the Baku airport on arrival and the citizens of other countries by getting education visa at the appropriate embassy of Republic of Azerbaijan based on invitation letter which is sent by us.

9.Can the student admitted by  YÖK continue education in the Republic of Turkey?
- The student who selected study  at Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) in the frame of YÖK has to study here, in our University during 3 years after attending FC (5 months) and then complete the education in Turkey basing on his contract with YÖK.

10. Is the tution fee paid in Azerbaijan Republic if the YÖK students continue their education in Republic of Turkey?
- No, the students pays tuition fee only for years of study in Azerbaijan Medical University.

11. If I have successfully passed Skype interview, can I change my Study program or Study language later?
- No. If you insist on change, you have to re-register for the next preparation period and your previous result will be cancelled. Be careful while choosing your Study program and language!

12. Is “Medical certificate” from my country suitable for your university?
- No, “Medical certificate” taken here (we will adres you) is only legible for obtaining Temporary Residence Permission

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