Rules and Regulations

- Please, note that Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) DOES NOT WORK WITH STUDENT RECRUITING COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS!*. You are expected to apply to AMU and pass the interview yourself.

- Study in AMU begins from the Foundation Course (FC). After you admit to the FC you get classes on language of education, medical physics, medical chemistry and medical biology during 6 months. In the end of the course you have to pass a final examination on these subjects. Students who pass the examination get right to be admitted to the 1st year education of faculty which was selected in time of primary registration.


- Steps to admit to the FC of AMU:

  • Create your account at AMU admission portal (
  • Make sure you select the language of education and the faculty (study program) correctly. You can’t change it once account is registered!
  • Carefully read the terms of admission. Your consent is a document of a legal force.
  • Upload the scanned copies of the documents required.
  • Our team will evaluate the application and appoint a online interview with you **. The interview is paid, and foreign citizens are given an online interview time only after paying a fee of $ 70 (excluding bank fees).
    Please, strictly follow the date and time appointed. Be sure that you have a good Internet connection with a web camera on.
  • At the onlineinterview you will be asked questions on physics, chemistry and biology in the language which you select for education. Your command of language will be assessed as well. The questions will encompass a general secondary school program. Please, be ready to give a brief information about yourself and your future plans.
  • We will inform you the result of the interview within 24 hours. After you are selected to FC of AMU we will issue and send you an invitation letter for study visa. This is not necessary for citizens of countries with visa-free regime with Azerbaijan ( and contries with online (ASAN) visa regime. 
  • In the end we will inform you the date and time appointed to apply to AMU personally, submit the original documents, pay the tuition fee and start your education.


* Except India

** Citizens of Turkey who apply with a placement of Council of Higher Education (YÖK) are free from interview. After uploading your documents expect a confirmation of acceptance.


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