Documents for admission

The following documents should be scanned and uploaded to your personal account. Once accepted to AMU, they must be provided in hardcopy upon arrival:

-  International passport (the photo page). Its validity period must be at least 1 year from the application date.

-  Your secondary school (lyceum) certificate. Must be certified by legal authority in your country (Ministry of Education) and officially translated to Azerbaijani language. If translation to Azerbaijani language is not available in your location please officially translate it it either to English or Russian language and upload its electronic version to your account. 

The following restrictions are applied to certificates of citizens of Turkey, Iran and Iraq:

Turkey: Lyceum diploma minimum score 65% or TYT examination minimum score 180

Iran: Daberistan only on natural sciences or physics and mathematics minimum score 14

Iraq: Baccalaureate Certificate or Secondary School Certificate minimum score 70%

- Language certificates (IELTS or TOEFL) – if available

- Photograph made during last 6 months

Please, note that according to the migration legislation of Azerbaijan you will not be granted a stay permit if carry the following infections: AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis. Please, make sure you are free from these infections. You will undergo a medical examination before applying for stay permit to the Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Healthcare of Azerbaijan Republic The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic The State Commission on Student Admissions Virtual Karabakh
Oncologic Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University Educational-Therapeutic clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University Dental Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University Educational-Surgical clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University